Not Ready for Full Staging and you are More of a DIYer?

We offer consultations for staging, redesign, choosing color, home improvements, curb appeal, and organizing. See what a difference just an hour or two can make!

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Staging to Sell

Home Staging, as an integral part of a property’s marketing plan, allows potential buyers to envision a home’s full potential. It may involve de-cluttering, rearranging furniture, updating, working with color and light, and designing the home in such a way as to allow the buyer to imagine themselves in that home. No two homes are alike; no two clients are alike. We tailor every staging plan to that individual property, taking into consideration the target market, the budget, and any other special considerations. Read More

Staging to Dwell

Not planning to move but need to give your home a new look? Don’t want the expense of an interior decorator? Don’t wait until you’re planning to sell to make the changes you always wanted to make! We can see your home through “fresh eyes” and can help you reuse what you already have in new ways. Our clients often say to us, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Some of our “staging to sell” clients have even become “staging to dwell” clients when they invite us in to help them set up their new home. While “staging to sell” is all about the buyer, “staging to dwell” is all about you! Let us help you transform your home into the lovely space you desire. Read More

Vacant Home Staging

Statistically, vacant homes spend more time on the market. Why? They may feel cold and sterile, it’s easier to see all the flaws, it’s more difficult for the buyer to get a sense of the space— these are just some of the reasons. Depending on the budget and target market, we will design a plan that will overcome these obstacles. We will arrange furniture rental, and have our own extensive inventory of accessories to create the warm and welcoming home the buyer is looking for. Read More