Consultation  $150

We will meet with you to discuss some changes that can be made to make your home more appealing to buyers.  We’ll take a tour of your home, walking through it as a buyer would, and gathering those all-important “first impressions.”  We will offer some suggestions for improving your home’s appeal to buyers and formulate a list of the top three priorities we feel would have the most impact.  We will then suggest any services that would benefit you in the sale of your home. (Up To 90 minutes; $25.00 each additional hour over 90 minutes)

DIY Action Plan  $250  (Suggested for owners who prefer to do their own staging)

We will return to your home to take photos that will help us formulate a detailed plan for your home.  We will email you a full report (usually 10-15 pages) with a detailed Action Plan for each room of your home.  We will include suggestions for purchases, vendors, and accessories to help you stage your home.  (Previous Consultation required)

The Finishing Touches  $50.00 an hour  (Previous DIY Action Plan required)

Once you’ve had a chance to complete the work according to the DIY Action Plan, we will return to your home to add the final touches.  We will go through each room, making sure you are “show ready!”  We will also take new photos of your transformed home for you and your agent’s marketing.  (Approx. 1 hour)

Professional Home Staging or Redesign Services 

Half Day $350; Full Day $675; Two Day $1200 (Previous Consultation required)


  • Staging Preparation:  Prior to the Staging Day, we will take “before” pictures, which will help us create our plan for your home.  We will provide you with a list of work to be completed prior to the staging day, along with a shopping list according to your budget.  If you prefer, we will provide shopping services for an additional fee.  We will assess whether any additional accessories or furniture should be added for the staging and will provide an estimated rental proposal. We will also include a color consultation if needed for choosing paint colors that will best accent your home.
  • Staging Day:  This is where the magic happens!  We will work from our plan to make dramatic transformations to your home.  Once the staging is complete, we will take great photos for you and your listing agent’s marketing efforts.


Vacant Home Staging  (Previous Consultation required)

Prices vary according to the size of the home and the amount of staging needed.


  • Working within your budget, we will create a plan to stage your house so that it feels like a lovely, welcoming home.
  • We will arrange furniture rental, and bring in accessories and art needed to complete the look.  (Usually 2 days)
  • We will provide wonderful photos for your marketing.
  • We will “pop in” periodically to make sure your home is showing at its very best.
  • Once sold, we will de-stage the property, removing all furniture and accessories and leaving it “broom clean” for the new homeowners.  (Usually 1 day)


Rose-Colored Staging Additional Services

 Staging Presentations/Speaking Engagement (Cost based upon individual need)

Shopping $50/hour

Color Consultation $50/hour

Home Improvement Consultation $50/hour

Curb Appeal Consultation $50/hour

Organization & De-cluttering $50/hour

Home Office Staging and Organization $50/hour

Curtain rod installation $50/hour

Job Management $25/hour (plus travel time)

Spackle, Sand, Paint Touch-Up $25/hour (plus supplies)

Packing Services $25/hour for one person, $50/hour for two people (plus the cost of shopping services, wrapping materials and boxes)

Interior Holiday Decorating $40/hour for two people (plus the cost of shopping services and materials)

New Home Furniture Arranging, Decorating, and Redesign $40/hour for two people

Office/Workplace Staging and Organization $50/hour

Curtain/Linen Dry-Cleaning $25/order (plus the cost of actual dry-cleaning)

 If we haven’t listed your Home Staging need, please give us a call—we will try to help!